Guess the meaning of the song? #1

Now the meaning for this post is for you to tell me what you think the song means from a christian stand point.     Advertisements

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Boys we are back in business

Lets get this straight. It has been a pretty long time since i posted. But expect some engaging posts. See ya guys soon

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Life moves so fast

i can’t believe I am soon going to college. Life is going by so fast that it’s crazy. I find it amazing that people are following a blog I have not had time for. But I will try to write more. Advertisements

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Wanna learn more about me?

Follow me on Twitter @Obrando booya Advertisements

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Any impressions you want me to work on?

Honestly God has given me a true talent with my voice. I am reaching limits that have not met an end. So I ask you. Yes you. To take some time to leave a comment and tell me what person you would like me to mimic. no girl voices or nothing to high pitched Advertisements

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The Beast

I believe that we should look for the silver lining in life, no matter how dark life gets. Mistakes are something that pelt humans hard every day, leaving scars big and small, that will tell the story of one’s mishaps. Telling the tales of tear and blood shed can be hard to relive and regale. […]

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Awesome song


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